Amber Clouds: Putting Oslo on the Norwegian music map with The Smiths-sounding indie pop

J.N. June 25, 2019

Although the editor is Swedish he said it many times by now: the most exciting stuff today from Scandinavia comes from Denmark and Norway! We love Norway’s Bergen sound and have interviewed bands as as Kakkmaddafakka and Pish an covered Erlend Øye, but it’s time for the Norwegian capital to show some music talents.

Oslo based five-piece Amber Clouds from Oslo just released their debut album “Here’s To Feeling Good All The Time” sounding like The Smiths meeting The Cure coated in the Scandinavian indie pop school, thus creating an indelible imprint of a band not only making their mark, but also asserting their identity. And boys, Kakkmaddafakka and Erlend Øye already made Norway popular in Hamburg, just book a trip!

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