Blaqk Audio: ’80s electropop with a modern dark edge

J.N. April 16, 2019

What happens if you take two punk dudes out of punk/hardcore act AFI and put them together in a side project? Electronic pop music happens of course! That’s obvious!

Jade Puget and Davey Havok, the guitarist and the vocalist of AFI, are not new on the electronic scene. With their recently released “Only Things We Love” they have released four albums since 2007, but for most people Blaqk Audio may fly under the radar.

Musically it’s filled to the brim with electronic pop bangers that someone called “industrial synthpop” (never heard that terminology before), applying catchy grooves and gritty bass to electronic dance vibes, blasting away in the background. It maintains a darker edge rather than going in the synthpop direction, and our punk dude Alex, a huge fan of AFI, has adopted “Ok, Alex” as his personal anthem for some reason we don’t know.

Listen to their latest album “Only Things We Love” for an electronic dance experience!

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