cleopatrick @Hafenklang (Hamburg): Review

J.N. April 3, 2019

We met them six months ago in the beginning of their massive world tour with just two EP’s out. In terms of music output there’s not much more out today, but they recently released the awesome single “sanjake” promising something extra when there’s time to record the debut album. And when their management Black Lamb Music sent us information on their return to Europe and a new tour including a gig at Hafenklang, we just had to cover it.

What’s different from when we met Ian and Luke of cleopatrick at the Reeperbahn Festival is that they gained lots of live experience since then. After the Reeperbahn Festival they embarked on an almost forty-date long world tour, as a headliner – with just two EP’s. That should not be possible to do but they did! Amazing!

Initially I was most curious about how well the Reeperbahn Festival has paid off in terms of fans. We often end up at Hafenklang gigs but very few are sold-out. Even bands that have quite a following have problems to fill-up Hafenklang. That wasn’t a problem tonight – or any gig during the tour their manager told me.

It only takes one verse to know that cleopatrick are going full-tilt weird and it looked like they were ready to tear the place down already from the beginning – but that was nothing when you saw the crowd. It’s rowdy from the very first second, and a young woman in the fronline was almost squashed against the stage (but people were very friendly and helped her up, as they did with our photographer who suffered a few punches, and as usual gave some back).

Their latest single “sanjake” was an amazing live experience and when an older gentleman next to me started to pull off some air guitar riffs (there’s a video of it but personal integrity stops us from showing up the next German air guitar hero, he did a few songs this night) but I’m quite sure that it didn’t matter what they played this night, people had decided from the first guitar riff that this will be a last man standing crowd battle. Luckily we tied an elastic safety line around our cam dudette and pulled her out just before some serious fainting were about to kick in, but as usual a few beers later everything was back to normal and she was back in the battle.

“hometown” may be their major hit on Spotify because of the attention it got a year and a bit ago but what really made the crowd explode and people to change underwear with each other was the guitar riff eruption of “youth”. People tried to crowdsurf with no plan, usually pointless but fun to see when you’re on distance, especially too watch that poor bastard pushed to the floor by his two meter tall and 110 kilo “light-weight” friend. That’s hilarious! But much credit to the crowd; nobody got hurt, rather they brought home some temporary concert reminders shaped as battered and bruised memorabilia.

The boys try out a few new songs this night as well and although no one heard them before people had decided to get whipped into a frenzy of moshing and crowd-surfing whatever came out of the speakers this night.

The interaction between Ian and Luke on stage is of the kind where they can improvise their songs. You see this “work relationship” among bands that have released five or six albums and played together for about twenty years, but to see two young dudes in their early twenties makes me more and more convinced that they will be the next festival headliner in not too many years.

Of course there’s an encore, and they play a song together with the support act and best friends of Ready The Prince (who by the way made a great gig but I was stuck in a too long discussion to review them) which I think was an Arctic Monkey cover. That’s how a good night should end, with everyone on stage.
Hope to see you soon again boys!

Photographer: ©Jule Rog


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