Liily: Furious UK sounding indie rock from LA

J.N. March 19, 2019

With the four-piece collection of drummer Maxx Morando, guitarist Sam De La Torre, bassist Charlie Anastasis, guitarist Aaron Reeves, and vocalist Dylan Nash, all hailing from LA area, Liily pack a punch to the ears through riff-roaring guitars and emphatic vocals.

Emerging from a new and burgeoning culture of youths in the city, their wildly frenetic shows point to a new vision for alternative and hard rock music in 2018 where such things aren’t supposed to exist anymore – and they proved that already with their 2018 debut single “Toro”.

Just a week and a bit ago they released their debut EP “I Can Fool Anybody In This Town”, a puch-in-face EP taking getting them into the spotlight this week. Time to do that European support act tour soon!

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