Get into trance mood with VooV Indoor Experience

J.N. March 13, 2019

With some awesome music, beautiful decorations, the VooV-typical breathtaking light and laser show and an awesome and powerful sound system waiting for you, VooV Festival goes indoor at Edelfettwerk in Hamburg on Saturday March 16th.

Launched in 1992, VooV Festival is one of the oldest psytrance festivals on the planet and more than 4 000 festivalgoers turned up at the open air festival in Putlitz last year. The indoor edition of the festival takes place in the amazing venue Edelfettwerk just across the street of Eidelstedt station in Hamburg, a twelve-minute s-bahn ride from Sternchanze in central Hamburg.

In this year’s line-up you’ll find acts as Avalon, SUN PROJECT, Burn In Noise and Sensifeel and loads of great German DJ acts. Make sure that you’ll be there already when the doors open at 22.00.


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