Hurula: Swedish indie rock with depth

Dick Magnusson March 12, 2019

One of the more interesting Swedish acts in recent years is Hurula. With a background in the punk scene, in Masshysteri, Robert Hurula has a rather long history in the Swedish music industry behind him. But when Masshysteri perhaps had more of a niche audience, the solo-project Hurula reaches a broader target group. Everyone that loves Broder Daniel, which is basically all Swedes with any kind of taste, would potentially love Hurula. Dark, moody guitars. Great melodies, with lyrics in Swedish. 

Hurula is now back with a new record, “Klass”, which is more toned down compared to previous releases. It’s a much more personal record, with heavy lyrics from a hard upbringing, but we still recognize the sound. There might not be hits like “22” or “Varje ensam natt”, but as a record it´s a great listen. You might not jump out of happiness after listening to it, but you will for sure feel something, and that is good enough.  

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