DJ Återbruk vs Editor’s choice: A Keith Flint Memorial

J.N. March 4, 2019

Last week we included one of the songs from The Prodigy’s album “Music For the Jilted Generation” in DJ Återbruk’s “Trippin'” playlist. And today the sad news about Keith Flint’s death was in the news. “A true pioneer, innovator and legend [that] will be forever missed”, writes band colleague Liam Howlett on The Prodigy’s Instagram today after shocking news of Flint’s suicide.

You couldn’t miss him in the mid 90’s, on the cover of every music magazine and on MTV every day. We first noticed him as that funny, freaky and talented dancer in the group’s music videos, but he got massive attention when he started singing on some of their songs, which became their biggest hits – “Firestarter” and “Breathe”. He was a joy to experience live on stage, running around with his crazy and crazy talented dance moves. Like a skilled slapstick comedian he made it look so easy, but try his moves from those early music videos – not easy! He got the crowd go wild, pumped us up and even joined us sometimes, like at Roskilde ’97.

Now that hedonistic hooligan has made his last dance moves, sadly. So long, twisted firestarter. The world has just lost a true performance pioneer, a word class top performer on stage.

Memorial to Keith Flint

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