Totally Messed!Up: One year of Messed!Up shenanigans

J.N. March 1, 2019

And the day finally arrived!

At this day a year ago Messed!Up Magazine went online after months of talking about it and a few more weeks planning for it to happen. The editor and Ms. Sis had talked about it, Ms Anonymous pushed the editor in the right direction and then it just happened out of frustration of not being able to interview those bands we wanted to (yes, we worked at other magz).

However, what was thought to be something “just for fun” grew a little bit bigger. At the start we were four, the editor and three dudettes – Ms. Sis, Ms. Anonymous and Ms. R. But that changed quickly.

There’s no space to write the full story but when we reached December last year we were 14 dedicated dudes and dudettes at Messed!Up. In January Ms. Elo arrived to put specific focus on the local scene in Hamburg. And then we went international.

We teamed up with Ms. EyesClosed, just at the start of 2019, who’s running an amazing blog featuring video interviews with bands on the London scene, a collab that has gone wild already. UK here we are! And that wasn’t enough!

In February we reached across the globe to the land of Nick Cave, Vegemite and kangaroos when we teamed up with two lovely dudettes in our Australian team, Tammy and Lucinda, who will cover those great Aussie bands that we would die to see coming to Europe. With Tammy and Lucinda, we became 18 people – from six different countries.

Today, when we summarized our first 52 weeks at Messed!Up, we found out that our 18 dude/dudette strong team managed to do 75 interviews and 112 photo coverages, lest to say all the DJ lists, concert reviews, festival coverages and weekly recommendations that were done. No words can describe the feeling.

We’re very, very happy to have lots of support from people around the world and really look forward to a great second year. (And yes, we will have a huge party to celebrate it!).

Cheers, thanks, danke, grazie, tusen takk och ett simpelt tack som fan!

//A very proud editor of Messed!Up Magazine

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