Terra: Carrying on the Gothenburg legacy

Dick Magnusson November 28, 2018

Gothenburg may not be the capital of Sweden, but many would argue passionately (and probably a bit obnoxiously) that it is the music capital. The high-quality bands span from internationally acclaimed The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Union Carbide Productions, to the metal scene with In Flames, Hammerfall, and Dark Tranquility. Hell, even Ace of Base are from Gothenburg.

There are also several cult bands, especially Broder Daniel, that have inspired and fostered a whole generation of indie bands from all across Sweden, but especially from Gothenburg. While much of the new music from Stockholm is more urban oriented hip-hop, r’n’b or electronic music, the guitars still rule in “The Front Side of Sweden” (Swenglish at it’s prime!).

Terra is one of those bands. The roots in the band are in Ram di dam, a band with minor hit in “Flashbacks” (featured on the FIFA ’11 soundtrack), but Terra is quite different as the sound is heavier, more distorted guitars, and lyrics in Swedish. It’s almost “rock” without a prefix, but it could still be labelled indie rock or punkrock (-ish).

And now they’re back with a new EP, following up 2016s LP “Terrarism”. The EP is called “Jävla EP:n” (basically “The fucking EP”), which might say something about the process, but if it was a daunting task it was worth it as it is a great step forward. Opening track “Tack och förlåt” is for example one of those songs that builds up to a great crescendo. So if you’re into guitar-driven rock with great melodies, Terra might be a great new discovery!

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