Editor’s choice: Roskilde Festival ’92

J.N. November 28, 2018

In one of my previous lists I already emphasized how 1992 became a turning point in life because many different things involving music happened. One of the most important moments in life also happened this very year: it was my debut at the Roskilde Festival. And it was a life-changing moment since I have been there every year from that moment meaning that it is my 28th anniversary at the festival next summer. And 1992 certainly had an amazing line-up where the biggest of them all was Nirvana, a band that I for some reason didn’t care about at all at the time (yeah, never seen them).

Actually, the reason for going to the festival in the first place was to see The Overlords, a Danish club-oriented band doing stuff that for some reason didn’t survived the test of time but also a new exciting band from Seattle that had just released their debut album: Pearl Jam. Here’s a list of nine bands from Roskilde Festival 1992 that made an impression (Nirvana didn’t apparently).

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