Oscar And The Wolf @Mojo Club (Hamburg): Review

Lennard Boldt November 20, 2018

While Max Colombie already plays the big stages in several countries with his project Oscar and the Wolf, he still has a few steps left to reach that level in Germany. It didn’t stop him from selling out the Mojo Club way ahead of the concert last Wednesday even though he just had played Hamburg with a stunning sunset set in the harbor of Hamburg on the second day of the Dockville Festival in August. At least that’s what I’ve been told, because I somehow managed to get lost in the festival forest and the nicest schnapps bar there was, thus I missed every concert in my meticulously planned list. Therefore I was more than happy when I finally could see the hottest Belgium pop export of the last years at the lovely underground (literally) club Mojo.

Everyone who attended an Oscar and the Wolf concert already knows that getting a spot with good sound is just half of the battle. It’s just as important to avoid getting stuck behind a two-meter-tall guy blocking your sight and preventing you from seeing the coolest dance moves that Mojo Club has seen so far on stage.

It was kind of clear already from the outset that the evening would be dominated by groove pop music, and the concert started off with a short solo by the band before Max Colombie came on stage and singing the first verse of his hit ”You’re mine”, only accompanied by piano. That kind of intimate atmosphere got dissolved pretty fast as the rest of the band began to play, and the song continued in the groovy 4/4 signature the fans knew it as.

And the dress he wore this day must be pointed out. Evil tongues (aka my company) claimed that he didn’t expect a man in a pajamas on stage whereas I would say, compared to his other glittering outfits, that this was for sure one of the more discreet ones.

But it was all met euphorically by the crowd, bursting out in endless shouts of joy throughout the whole evening. The high pitched screams also revealed that it mostly was the female crowd who was enchanted by his eye blinks, moves and smiles, and I definitely can’t blame them.

While his separation from the original band members changed a lot in the production of the album “Infinity”, the live experience of Oscar and the Wolf has always been about him and his stage presence, and with that kind of response from the crowd he proved it once again. Although all focus was on Colombie and his dance moves, every other musician on stage did an amazing job; especially the keyboarder played a huge role in creating the dreamy vibe with his spherical synth pads.

The setlist included the most well-known songs from both albums and his singles, and was mainly focused to the groovy and the danceable songs which was successful considering the response from the crowd.

Colombie ended the show with his newest single “On Fire”, but didn’t let people wait long before following up with two songs as the encore, “Breathing” and “Fever”, and while announcing the last song of the day he asked the crowd to blow the roof off. While this for some reason didn’t happen, he still managed to get some last hysterical screams and ended his 90-minutes concert with more than just one happy face in the crowd.

While I would have been more than happy about a few more slow passages during the show with songs like “Killer You” or “Last Night” I still have to admit that the concept totally worked out, and if you’re not afraid of dancing to good moody pop music there is no reason to avoid Oscar and the Wolf the next years.

Highlights: “You’re Mine” & “Touch Down”

Photographer: © Mario Reich
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