The Roskilde Festival week is closing in

J.N. June 28, 2018

We’re going to the Roskilde Festival! In just a few days Messed!Up Magazine move the HQ to the festival ground for interviews, festival reviews and a daily coverage of one of the “Camp of the Year” camps at Roskilde Festival 2018 – Camp Vienna United. Between June 30th and July 8th you can follow of our adventures at the festival here directly and on our Instagram.

As a teaser before we pack our bags and drive in the direction of Roskilde on Saturday we will present a few of these happenings just to add to the pre-Orange feeling that most festivalgoers feel in this moment. And loads of stuff will happen – for sure! 

Interviews & reviews

Yes, there will be interviews! That’s the reason why Messed!Up started; our main everyday purpose is to do interviews and offer our readers exclusive band photos – and Roskilde Festival will be no different!

At this point Messed!Up have four confirmed interviews but there’s more to come, probably three, since we haven’t left the negotiation table yet. We’re not going to uncover our secret interview list completely at this moment otherwise you won’t read our daily reviews but we’ll start already on Monday July 2nd at the pre-festival stages by interviewing amazing Swedish indie act Pale Honey.

Will there be any major interviews someone asked? Messed!Up just do interviews with bands they like and don’t care if they’re having 2 000 or 800 000 followers on Facebook; we interview bands that from our standpoint make great music – and Pale Honey fits perfect in our framework of great music.

We will also do general reviews of the festival. The major general review will however not be published until after the festival but some parts of general happenings can be read about in our daily IRL reviews of Camp Vienna United, one of this year’s Camp of the Year competitors.

Camp Vienna United: Daily reviews of a wacky festival camp

In the first warm-up article we presented Camp Vienna United, a German-American camp with Austrian origin, and although there’s no Austrian left in the camp the tradition is kept alive. The last years have also seen the addition of some lonesome Swedes and Danes parasiting on the camp’s aura of stardom. Basically, Camp Vienna United is made up of three camps getting together to make things three times as fun – Camp Wolfpack (US), Camp Vienna (DE) and Hamburg Pride (obviously DE).

Camp spokepersons Olaf Vienna and Dave B. – Germany vs. USA – promise a full schedule during the pre-festival days and as soon as the camp has settled down on the Settle ‘n Celebrate camping area things will start to happen. Here’s a selection of events from the schedule they’ve sent Messed!Up.

Fitness 5k run for BEER! 

Apparently there is a need to work on the festival endurance already from the start of the festival and at 10 A.M. between July 1st and July 4th Dave, Olaf and Chris will take the lead in a daily 5km run, starting in the P area (just ask them for a more specific location; after a few beers it was impossible to understand) and cross the bridge to the West Camp where they pass the finishing line at the West Camp Entrance. No, it’s not a joke!

These guys are experienced long-distance runners and know how to tie a running shoe. When you cross the line there will be free beer, which probably will make the run useless in terms of gaining any health effects. However, free beer is always worth a run, isn’t it? A great start of the day!

Everyone is welcome, even walkers. You just need to cross the line before 13.00 because of the next event in the schedule. Sign in and sign up! Unfortunately Messed!Up’s editor needs to work and doesn’t have time to join the forces.

The “Hour Of The Wolf”: Happy Hour Party 

“Hour Of The Wolf” may sound a bit dangerous but Dave guarantees that it’s just a cosy party and a great opportunity to get new friends for life. The only danger is if the beer gets warm.

On the event you can read that the theme for the party is “Celebrate Love” and that “Camp Vienna United brings you a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. Everyone is welcome to stop by and share a beverage, meet amazing people, have a laugh, listen to some great music and learn about the rest of all celebrations at Camp Vienna United”. The rumour says that there will Vodka Ahoi onsite and some kind of free merch to get – just go there to see yourself!

Camp Vienna United Amplified Jam Session 

The real tradition of Camp Vienna United is the Amplified Jam Session. This is the night where amateurs turn professionals and will get signed by Universal Music right after their five minutes of fame. According to a stastically and completely inaccurate estimation there will be 300 people in the crowd making it your biggest crowd ever – here’s the chance! Bring your musician friends and get onto the Camp Vienna United stage. Music instruments are provided; a full setup of drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and mics – and it’s all amplified! The night will also see Camp Vienna United’s own band take the stage for a few songs.

It’s also a Jam Session surrounded by rumours of which the most outrageous rumour going around is that The Hellacopters will play a three-song set. Camp member Mr. Mario insist that it’s true and that it has been true in his dreams the last five years – if you join you will find out. 


This is just a few of the things from the Camp Vienna United event schedule and you will have to get in here during the festival or keep an eye on Camp Vienna’s Facebook page or Camp Wolfpack’s Facebook page to get more information.

In terms of the Messed!Up updates, just follow us here, on our Facebook page and on our Instagram to find out about interviews and crazy Vienna United happenings.

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