DJ Pappaledig: Mixtape #1

Dick Magnusson May 9, 2018

Hey gang!

DJ Pappaledig here. Pappaledig is Swedish and can be translated to ”daddy home from work to take care of kids while mommy works”. I have two kids, ages 3 and 1, and as music is a large part of my life (believe it or not, it often makes me happy!), I’m trying to teach them rock as early as possible.

This playlist is the result of the lessons so far, and I think some of the artists and songs deserve a proper introduction. First out, the incredible Dixie Klasson. She’s a one-hit wonder, but just like Right Said Fred or Baha Men her legacy is forever. The country/eurodance-influences and the lyrics about her beloved (little) horse Plopp is what makes the song great. We hope that Dixie will make a comeback soon!

Another favorite is Johan Jakobsson’s banger “Min röda brandbil” (My red firetruck). The general feeling it creates is what makes this song great, along with the impeccable production. You might think that the peak is reached when the chorus kicks in. Hell no! You’re really in for a treat when the harmonica attacks at 1,07. Goosebumps!

Sure, I know what you’re thinking. Adding Babblarna to the list has been done before, it’s mainstream and just not that exciting in 2018. Well, I think it’s timeless. It’s an evergreen. I will happily elaborate on this over a bee.. eh, some oatmeal, any time, but I’ll just leave you by saying that Babblarna was a game-changer when it arrived in 2015 and will remain awesome forever.

The two outliers are Icona Pop and Little Jinder. I have no idea what happened here. The kids love them. I just don’t get kids these days.

Enjoy! (At least the list is short).

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About The Author

Energy researcher and semi-proud owner of probably the largest collection of Placebo-records in Sweden. Spins wax, or rather clicks MP3s, under the name DJ Pappaledig. Former concert promoter that loves festivals and listens way too much on indie rock (by choice) and children’s music (well, at least by someone’s choice…).