If you think that just one weekend’s worth of loud music can’t have a major impact on your hearing, then it’s time to think again. And it’s time to think more seriously about it at this [...]

This week, something for the dancefloor. An all-female, Swedish contemporary superlist of EDM. The originals are sparkling, but these remixes will make you tap the beat and bop your head. This week’s list is a [...]

Being hailed as the loudest band in New York with their feedback-drenched noise rock sound and the guitar-throwing, aggressive high energy live shows making them famous across the world, A Place To Bury Strangers found [...]

Let’s state the obvious before you continue reading this review: I’m not the usual singer-songwriter fan, in fact I’m and indie rock/electro/drum & bass/shoegaze/post-punk person but with a very open mind to music and music [...]

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Every week, the staff members of the Messed!Up Magazine team pick their favorite tracks that they’ve been rising as of late. This week, our Staff Picks are curated by editor Jimi Nilsson, music nerd Alex Schmitz and multifaceted co-worker [...]

Delta Heavy, one of the editor’s top five drum and bass acts of all time, is back with yet another bass stabbing track. “Gravity”, with meticulously layered electronics, oozes with impact through each wave of [...]